Lifelike avatars have arrived
Using proprietary computer vision and AI algortihms, we produce 3D models that look just like you

All it takes is one selfie

Head into the virtual world

Skullscan aims to digitize the human race. We create ultra realistic avatars of humans from a single photo using proprietary AI driven software. Our solution doesn't require any additional hardware, is very easy to use, and produces lifelike results.

Lightning Fast

Fully automatic single photo to 3D avatar generation in seconds
 (under 5s for basic avatar)

Ultra Realistic

Proprietary, AI-driven algorithms allow us to generate avatars that look just like you

Trait Detection

Detect physical traits like gender, age, hair and beard styles, and much more


Fully rigged characters with 51 ARKit compatible blendshapes


Our cloud service allows us to scale rapidly, meaning our servers will never be overloaded

Smooth Integrations

Easily integrate Skullscan’s API into any tech stack and generate avatars that can be used in a wide range of 3D applications


Wouldn’t it be awesome if your users could look and act like themselves in your 3D applications? All you will need is a single photo and within seconds they will transform into high quality 3D avatars. Check out our documentation to find out how you can get started.

Get Coding

3D Artists

No programming experience? No sweat. Use our web app or our iOS app to generate 3D avatars. All you have to do is take a selfie or submit a photo and your avatar will be generated in seconds. Enter your email address to export your 3D files for use in your 3D workflow.

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