About Us

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Marc Cotran and Andrew Velan, Skullscan began its journey building medical scanning devices for plastic surgery and Botox applications. With the advancements being made in mobile phone cameras, they quickly pivoted and ported their solution to mobile devices, while still retaining high-quality 3D head models.

As with most mobile, photogrammetry-based 3D reconstruction technology, Skullscan’s early prototypes worked very well in controlled environments but sometimes faltered in the wild. They put their combined 15 years experience in computer vision and artificial intelligence to the test to come up with a solution that produced consistent results, was easy to use, and accessible to the masses.

In 2018 they released the world’s first single photo to lifellike 3D avatar technology. They have since graduated from Canada’s Next AI Accelerator and have started to license their technology outside of the medical space to companies such as Proctor & Gamble.


Andrew Velan, BEng

Full-Stack Developer & HCI

  • Ex-Intel Engineer
  • Co-founded Merchlar
    An interactive agency specializing in AR/VR, Exited in 2015

Marc Cotran, MD

3D Imaging & Machine Learning

  • Co-founded multiple medical companies
  • Previous company acquired by Harvard University

Fady Soliman, BEng

Strategy & Business Development

  • Worked at Amazon, BMW & Accenture

  • Co-founded SettleIn
    A non-profit aiding refugees


Reid Schneider, BSc

  • Co-Founder of Typhoon Studios
  • Former VP & Executive Producer at Warner Bros
  • Former Executive Producer at Electronic Arts

Kjell Kolstad, MSc

  • Director of Partnerships at Element AI
  • Former Vice President at Vantrix
  • Former Director at Blackberry

Eleonora Vella, PhD

  • Program Director & Principle Scientist at Tandem Launch